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2015 AJOG Volume 213 Issue Supplement October (9).pdf.jpg2015classification , pathogenesis , and clinical significanceKim, Chong Jai; Dmedsci, Roberto Romero; Chaemsaithong, Piya; Kim, Jung-sun
2015 AJOG Volume 213 Issue Supplement October (8).pdf.jpg2015definition , pathologic features , andKim, Chong Jai; Romero, Roberto; Chaemsaithong, Piya
2015 AJOG Volume 213 Issue 6 December (36).pdf.jpg2015Evidence of perturbations of the cytokine network in preterm laborRomero, Roberto; Grivel, Jean-charles; Tarca, Adi L; Chaemsaithong, Piya; Xu, Zhonghui; Fitzgerald, Wendy; Hassan, Sonia S
2019 AJOG Volume 220 Issue 6 June (1).pdf.jpg2019Factors that affect ultrasound-determined labor progress in women undergoing induction of laborChaemsaithong, Piya; Kwan, Angel H.W.; Tse, Wing Ting; Lim, Wen Teng; Chan, Winnie W.Y.; Chong, Ka Chun; Leung, Tak Yeung; Poon, Liona C.
2017 AJOG Volume 216 Issue 3 March (26).pdf.jpg2017Failure of physiologic transformation of spiral arteries, endothelial and trophoblast cell activation, and acute atherosis in the basal plate of the placentaLabarrere, Carlos a.; DiCarlo, Hector L.; Bammerlin, Elaine; Hardin, James W.; Kim, Yeon M.; Chaemsaithong, Piya; Haas, David M.; Kassab, Ghassan S.; Romero, Roberto
2019 AJOG Volume 221 Issue 4 October (22).pdf.jpg2019Labor progress determined by ultrasound is different in women requiring cesarean delivery from those who experience a vaginal delivery following induction of laborTse, Wing Ting; Chaemsaithong, Piya; Chan, Winnie W.Y.; Kwan, Angel H.W.; Huang, Junhong; Appiah, Kubi; Chong, Ka Chun; Poon, Liona C.
2016 AJOG Volume 214 Issue 5 May (32).pdf.jpg2016Maternal plasma angiogenic index-1 (placental growth factor/soluble vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-1) is a biomarker for the burden of placental lesions consistent with uteroplacental underperfusion: a longitudinal case-coKorzeniewski, Steven J; Dmedsci, Roberto Romero; Chaiworapongsa, Tinnakorn; Chaemsaithong, Piya; Kim, Chong Jai; Kim, Yeon Mee; Kim, Jung-sun; Yoon, Bo Hyun; Hassan, Sonia S; Yeo, Lami
2016 AJOG Volume 214 Issue 3 March (22).pdf.jpg2016Meconium aspiration syndrome: a role for fetal systemic inflammationLee, Joonho; Dmedsci, Roberto Romero; Lee, Kyung A; Kim, Eun Na; Korzeniewski, Steven J; Chaemsaithong, Piya; Yoon, Bo Hyun
2017 AJOG Volume 217 Issue 6 December (48).pdf.jpg2017The prediction of fetal death with a simple maternal blood test at 20-24 weeks: a role for angiogenic index-1 (PlGF/sVEGFR-1 ratio)Chaiworapongsa, Tinnakorn; Romero, Roberto; Erez, Offer; Tarca, Adi L.; Conde-Agudelo, Agustin; Chaemsaithong, Piya; Kim, Chong Jai; Kim, Yeon Mee; Kim, Jung-Sun; Yoon, Bo Hyun; Hassan, Sonia S.; Yeo, Lami; Korzeniewski, Steven J.
2019Prospective evaluation of screening performance of first trimester prediction models for preterm preeclampsia in Asian populationChaemsaithong, Piya; Pooh, Ritsuko K.; Zheng, Mingming; Ma, Runmei; Chaiyasit, Noppadol; Tokunaka, Mayumi; Shaw, Steven W.; Seshadri, Suresh; Choolani, Mahesh; Wataganara, Tuangsit; Yeo, George S.H.; Wright, Alan; Leung, Wing Cheong; Sekizawa, Akihiko; Hu, Yali; Naruse,
2015 AJOG Volume 213 Issue 6 December (40).pdf.jpg2015Vaginal progesterone, but not 17α-hydroxyprogesterone caproate, has antiinflammatory effects at the murine maternal-fetal interfaceMph, Amy-eunice Furcron; Dmedsci, Roberto Romero; Plazyo, Olesya; Unkel, Ronald; Xu, Yi; Hassan, Sonia S; Chaemsaithong, Piya; Ms, Arushi Mahajan; Gomez-lopez, Nardhy