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2014A national case-crossover analysis of the short-term effect of PM2.5 on hospitalizations and mortality in subjects with diabetes and neurological disordersZanobetti, Antonella; Dominici, Francesca; Wang, Yun; Schwartz, Joel D
medicine article ap (51).pdf.jpg2014Association Between the Medicare Hospice Benefit and Health Care Utilization and Costs for Patients With Poor-Prognosis CancerObermeyer, Ziad; Makar, Maggie; Abujaber, Samer; Dominici, Francesca; Block, Susan; Cutler, David M.
2017 JAMA Volume 318 Issue 24 december (10).pdf.jpg2017Association of Short-term Exposure to Air Pollution With Mortality in Older AdultsDi, Qian; Dai, Lingzhen; Wang, Yun; Zanobetti, Antonella; Choirat, Christine; Schwartz, Joel D; Dominici, Francesca
2017 JAMA Volume 318 Issue 24 december (10).pdf.jpg2017Association of Short-term Exposure to Air Pollution With Mortality in Older AdultsDi, Qian; Dai, Lingzhen; Wang, Yun; Zanobetti, Antonella; Choirat, Christine; Schwartz, Joel D; Dominici, Francesca
2013Associations of PM2.5 Constituents and Sources with Hospital Admissions: Analysis of Four Counties in Connecticut and Massachusetts (USA) for Persons ≥ 65 Years of AgeBell, Michelle L.; Ebisu, Keita; Leaderer, Brian P.; Gent, Janneane F.; Lee, Hyung Joo; Koutrakis, Petros; Wang, Yun; Dominici, Francesca; Peng, Roger D.
2017 AJE Volume 186 Issue 12 December (9).pdf.jpg2017Best Practices for Gauging Evidence of Causality in Air Pollution EpidemiologyDominici, Francesca; Zigler, Corwin
2018 JAMA Volume 319 Issue 22 June (11).pdf.jpg2018A Breath of Bad Air: Cost of the Trump Environmental Agenda May Lead to 80 000 Extra Deaths per DecadeCutler, David; Dominici, Francesca; Agenda, The Trump
medicine article ap (5).pdf.jpg2014Cause-Specific Risk of Hospital Admission Related to Extreme Heat in Older AdultsBobb, Jennifer F.; Obermeyer, Ziad; Wang, Yun; Dominici, Francesca
2014Completing the Results of the 2013 Boston MarathonHammerling, Dorit; Cefalu, Matthew; Cisewski, Jessi; Dominici, Francesca; Parmigiani, Giovanni; Paulson, Charles; Smith, Richard L.
2019 EHJ Volume 40 Issue 20 May (10).pdf.jpg2019Estimating pollution-attributable mortality at the regional and global scales: challenges in uncertainty estimation and causal inferenceNethery, Rachel C; Dominici, Francesca
2017 Epidemiology Volume 28 Issue 5 September (1).pdf.jpg2017Estimating the Causal Effect of Low Levels of Fine Particulate Matter on HospitalizationMakar, Maggie; Antonelli, Joseph; Di, Qian; Cutler, David; Schwartz, Joel; Dominici, Francesca
2019 AJoE Volume 188 Issue 5 May (23).pdf.jpg2019The Future of Climate Epidemiology: Opportunities for Advancing Health Research in the Context of Climate ChangeAnderson, G Brooke; Barnes, Elizabeth a; Bell, Michelle L; Dominici, Francesca
2014Heat-Related Mortality and Adaptation to Heat in the United StatesBobb, Jennifer F.; Peng, Roger D.; Bell, Michelle L.; Dominici, Francesca
2018 EPIDEMIOLOGY Volume 29 Issue 2 March (2).pdf.jpg2018Impact of National Ambient Air Quality Standards Nonattainment Designations on Particulate Pollution and HealthZigler, Corwin M; Choirat, Christine; Dominici, Francesca
2014Linking Student Performance in Massachusetts Elementary Schools with the “Greenness” of School Surroundings Using Remote SensingWu, Chih-Da; McNeely, Eileen; Cedeño-Laurent, J. G.; Pan, Wen-Chi; Adamkiewicz, Gary; Dominici, Francesca; Lung, Shih-Chun Candice; Su, Huey-Jen; Spengler, John D.
2017 AJE Volume 186 Issue 6 September (9).pdf.jpg2017Original Contribution Who Among the Elderly Is Most Vulnerable to Exposure to and Health Risks of Fine Particulate Matter From Wild fi re Smoke ?Liu, Jia Coco; Wilson, Ander; Mickley, Loretta J; Ebisu, Keita; Sulprizio, Melissa P; Wang, Yun; Peng, Roger D; Yue, Xu; Dominici, Francesca; Bell, Michelle L
2013Residential exposure to aircraft noise and hospital admissions for cardiovascular diseases: multi-airport retrospective studyCorreia, Andrew W; Peters, Junenette L; Levy, Jonathan I; Melly, Steven; Dominici, Francesca
2013Short-term Exposure to Particulate Matter Constituents and Mortality in a National Study of U.S. Urban CommunitiesKrall, Jenna R.; Anderson, G. Brooke; Dominici, Francesca; Bell, Michelle L.; Peng, Roger D.
2013The effect of primary organic particles on emergency hospital admissions among the elderly in 3 US citiesKioumourtzoglou, Marianthi-Anna; Zanobetti, Antonella; Schwartz, Joel D; Coull, Brent A; Dominici, Francesca; Suh, Helen H
2014The impact of source contribution uncertainty on the effects of source-specific PM2.5 on hospital admissions: A case study in Boston, MAKioumourtzoglou, Marianthi-Anna; Coull, Brent A; Dominici, Francesca; Koutrakis, Petros; Schwartz, Joel; Suh, Helen