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2013Excess mortality impact of two epidemics of pandemic influenza A(H1N1pdm09) virus in Hong KongWu, Peng; Goldstein, Edward; Ho, Lai-Ming; Wu, Joseph T; Tsang, Thomas; Leung, Gabriel M; Cowling, Benjamin J
2010Oseltamivir for treatment and prevention of pandemic influenza A/H1N1 virus infection in households, Milwaukee, 2009Cowling, Benjamin J; Fang, Vicky J; Hagy, Angela; Reshef, David; Biedrzycki, Paul; Goldstein, Edward; O'Hagan, Justin John; Danon, Leon; Miller, Joel C.; Robins, James Matthew; Lipsitch, Marc
2010Student Behavior during a School Closure Caused by Pandemic Influenza A/H1N1Lajous, Martin; Miller, Joel C.; Danon, Leon; O'Hagan, Justin John; Goldstein, Edward; Lipsitch, Marc
2017 EPID Volume 28 Issue 1 January (21).pdf.jpg2017Temporally varying relative risks for infectious diseasesGoldstein, Edward; Pitzer, Virginia E.; O’Hagan, Justin J.; Lipsitch, Marc
2009Use of Cumulative Incidence of Novel Influenza A/H1N1 in Foreign Travelers to Estimate Lower Bounds on Cumulative Incidence in MexicoLajous, Martin; Cohen, Ted; Wallinga, Jacco; Riley, Steven; Dowell, Scott F.; Reed, Carrie; McCarron, Meg; Lipsitch, Marc; O'Hagan, Justin John; Miller, Joel C.; Goldstein, Edward; Danon, Leon
2012Vaccine Allocation in a Declining EpidemicWallinga, J.; Goldstein, Edward; Lipsitch, Marc
2009What is the Mechanism for Persistent Coexistence of Drug-susceptible and Drug-resistant Strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae?Colijn, Caroline; Cohen, Ted; Fraser, Christophe; Givon-Lavi, Noga; Dagan, Ron; Hanage, William P.; Goldstein, Edward; Lipsitch, Marc