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2015 O_G Volume 126 Issue 1 July (17).pdf.jpg2015Association of 17 a -Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate and Risk of InfectionMainiero, Alexandra D; Rouse, Dwight J; Hughes, Brenna L
2017 OG Volume 130 Issue 4 October (10).pdf.jpg2017A Brief Prenatal Intervention of Behavioral Change to Reduce the Risk of Maternal CytomegalovirusHughes, Brenna L; Gans, Kim M; Raker, Christina; Hipolito, Evelyn R; Rouse, Dwight J
2015 O_G Volume 125 Issue 5 May (31).pdf.jpg2015Cefazolin Prophylaxis in Obese Women Undergoing Cesarean DeliveryMaggio, Lindsay; Nicolau, David P; Hughes, Brenna L; Dacosta, Melissa; Rouse, Dwight J
2016 AJOG Volume 214 Issue 6 June (12).pdf.jpg2016Diagnosis and antenatal management of congenital cytomegalovirus infectionSmfm, Maternal-fetal Medicine; Hughes, Brenna L; Gyam, Cynthia
2017 OG Volume 129 Issue 1 January (15).pdf.jpg2017Group B Streptococci Screening Before Repeat Cesarean DeliveryAlbright, Catherine M; Macgregor, Caitlin; Sutton, Desmond; Hughes, Brenna L; Werner, Erika F
2017 AJOG Volume 217 Issue 5 November (37).pdf.jpg2017Hepatitis C in pregnancy : screening , treatment , and managementSmfm, Maternal-fetal Medicine; Hughes, Brenna L; Page, Charlotte M; Kuller, Jeffrey A
2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 6 December (10).pdf.jpg2016The impact of pregnancy on anti-HIV activity of cervicovaginal secretionsHughes, Brenna L; Scb, Riana Dutt; Scd, Christina Raker; Mba, Melody Barthelemy; Rossoll, Richard M; Ramratnam, Bharat; Wira, Charles R; Cu-uvin, Susan
2018 OGynecology Volume 132 Issue 4 October (8).pdf.jpg2018Improving Obstetric Hypertensive Emergency Treatment in a Tertiary Care Women ’ s Emergency DepartmentFroehlich, Rosemary J; Maggio, Lindsay; Hughes, Brenna L; Vrees, Roxanne
2017 OG Volume 130 Issue 4 October (12).pdf.jpg2017Internal Validation of the Sepsis in Obstetrics Score to Identify Risk of Morbidity From Sepsis in PregnancyAlbright, Catherine M; Rouse, Dwight J; Hughes, Brenna L
2019Randomized trial to prevent congenital cytomegalovirusHughes, Brenna L; Kennedy, Eunice; National, Shriver; Health, Child; Development, Human; Units, Maternal-fetal Medicine
2015 O_G Volume 126 Issue 3 September (5).pdf.jpg2015Third-Trimester Prenatal Syphilis ScreeningAlbright, Catherine M; Emerson, Jenna B; Werner, Erika F; Hughes, Brenna L
medicine article c (69).pdf.jpg2015Whither oxygen for intrauterine resuscitation ?Hamel, Maureen S; Hughes, Brenna L; Rouse, Dwight J