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medicine article ao (197).pdf.jpg2013Association between duration of overall and abdominal obesity beginning in young adulthood and coronary artery calcification in middle age.Reis, Jared P; Loria, Catherine M; Lewis, Cora E; Powell-Wiley, Tiffany M; Wei, Gina S; Carr, J Jeffrey; Terry, James G; Liu, Kiang
medicine article ap (277).pdf.jpg2014Blood pressure trajectories in early adulthood and subclinical atherosclerosis in middle age.Allen, Norrina B; Siddique, Juned; Wilkins, John T; Shay, Christina; Lewis, Cora E; Goff, David C; Jacobs, David R; Liu, Kiang; Lloyd-Jones, Donald
medicine article zn (221).pdf.jpg2013Cardiovascular effects of intensive lifestyle intervention in type 2 diabetes.Look AHEAD Research Group; Wing, Rena R; Bolin, Paula; Brancati, Frederick L; Bray, George a; Clark, Jeanne M; Coday, Mace; Crow, Richard S; Curtis, Jeffrey M; Egan, Caitlin M; Espeland, Mark a; Evans, Mary; Foreyt, John P; Ghazarian, Siran; Gregg, Edward W; Harrison, Barbara; Hazuda, Helen P; Hill, James O; Horton, Edward S; Hubbard, Van S; Jakicic, John M; Jeffery, Robert W; Johnson, Karen C; Kahn, Steven E; Kitabchi, Abbas E; Knowler, William C; Lewis, Cora E; Maschak-Carey, Barbara J; Montez, Maria G; Murillo, Anne; Nathan, David M; Patricio, Jennifer; Peters, Anne; Pi-Sunyer, Xavier; Pownall, Henry; Reboussin, David; Regensteiner, Judith G; Rickman, Amy D; Ryan, Donna H; Safford, Monika; Wadden, Thomas a; Wagenknecht, Lynne E; West, Delia S; Williamson, David F; Yanovski, Susan Z
medicine article ao (51).pdf.jpg2013The effect of nonsurgical periodontal therapy on hemoglobin A1c levels in persons with type 2 diabetes and chronic periodontitis: a randomized clinical trial.Engebretson, Steven P; Hyman, Leslie G; Michalowicz, Bryan S; Schoenfeld, Elinor R; Gelato, Marie C; Hou, Wei; Seaquist, Elizabeth R; Reddy, Michael S; Lewis, Cora E; Oates, Thomas W; Tripathy, Devjit; Katancik, James a; Orlander, Philip R; Paquette, David W; Hanson, Naomi Q; Tsai, Michael Y
2016 AJG Volume 111 Issue 5 May (13).pdf.jpg2016Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Is Strongly Associated With Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver DiseaseAjmera, Veeral H; Gunderson, Erica P; Vanwagner, Lisa B; Lewis, Cora E; Carr, John J; Terrault, Norah A
2015 O_G Volume 126 Issue 2 August (24).pdf.jpg2015Lactation Duration and Midlife AtherosclerosisGunderson, Erica P; Jr, Charles P Quesenberry; Ning, Xian; Jr, David R Jacobs; Gross, Myron; Jr, David C Goff; Pletcher, Mark J; Lewis, Cora E
medicine article ao (68).pdf.jpg2013Menopausal hormone therapy and health outcomes during the intervention and extended poststopping phases of the Women's Health Initiative randomized trials.Manson, JoAnn E; Chlebowski, Rowan T; Stefanick, Marcia L; Aragaki, Aaron K; Rossouw, Jacques E; Prentice, Ross L; Anderson, Garnet; Howard, Barbara V; Thomson, Cynthia a; LaCroix, Andrea Z; Wactawski-Wende, Jean; Jackson, Rebecca D; Limacher, Marian; Margolis, Karen L; Wassertheil-Smoller, Sylvia; Beresford, Shirley a; Cauley, Jane a; Eaton, Charles B; Gass, Margery; Hsia, Judith; Johnson, Karen C; Kooperberg, Charles; Kuller, Lewis H; Lewis, Cora E; Liu, Simin; Martin, Lisa W; Ockene, Judith K; O'Sullivan, Mary Jo; Powell, Lynda H; Simon, Michael S; Van Horn, Linda; Vitolins, Mara Z; Wallace, Robert B
2016 O_G Volume 127 Issue 6 June (21).pdf.jpg2016Preterm Delivery and Metabolic Syndrome in Women Followed From Prepregnancy Through 25 Years LaterCatov, Janet M; Althouse, Andrew D; Lewis, Cora E; Harville, Emily W; Gunderson, Erica P
medicine article zp (101).pdf.jpg2015Smoking and Mortality — Beyond Established CausesFreedman, Neal D; Hartge, Patricia; Lewis, Cora E; Ockene, Judith K; Prentice, Ross L; Speizer, Frank E; Thun, Michael J; Jacobs, Eric J