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2019 AJoOG Volume 220 Issue 2 February (26).pdf.jpg2019Characterization of the T-cell response to polypropylene mesh in women with complicationsTennyson, Lauren; Rytel, Matthew; Bs, Stacy Palcsey; Meyn, Leslie; Liang, Rui; Moalli, Pamela
2019 JAMA Volume 322 Issue 11 September (40).pdf.jpg2019Effect of Behavioral and Pelvic Floor Muscle Therapy Combined With Surgery vs Surgery Alone on Incontinence Symptoms Among Women With Mixed Urinary IncontinenceSung, Vivian W.; Borello-France, Diane; Newman, Diane K.; Richter, Holly E.; Lukacz, Emily S.; Moalli, Pamela; Weidner, Alison C.; Smith, Ariana L.; Dunivan, Gena; Ridgeway, Beri; Nguyen, John N.; Mazloomdoost, Donna; Carper, Benjamin; Gantz, Marie G.
2015 AJOG Volume 213 Issue 3 September (73).pdf.jpg2015The female urinary microbiome in urgency urinary incontinencePearce, Meghan M; Zilliox, Michael J; Rosenfeld, Amy B; Thomas-white, Krystal J; Richter, Holly E; Nager, Charles W; Visco, Anthony G; Nygaard, Ingrid E; Barber, Matthew D; Schaffer, Joseph; Moalli, Pamela; Sung, Vivian W; Smith, Ariana L; Rogers, Rebecca; Nolen, Tracy L; Wallace, Dennis; Meikle, Susan F; Gai, Xiaowu; Wolfe, Alan J
2019 JAMA Volume 322 Issue 11 September (15).pdf.jpg2019Mixed incontinence: Comparing definitions in women having stress incontinence surgeryBrubaker, Linda; Stoddard, Anne; Richter, Holly; Zimmern, Philippe; Moalli, Pamela; Kraus, Stephen R.; Norton, Peggy; Lukacz, Emily; Sirls, Larry; Johnson, Harry
2018 AJOG Volume 218 Issue 2 February (25).pdf.jpg2018Pregnancy and parturition negatively impact vaginal angle and alter expression of vaginal MMP-9Oliphant, Sallie; Canavan, Timothy; Bs, Stacy Palcsey; Meyn, Leslie; Moalli, Pamela
2017 AJOG Volume 216 Issue 1 January (16).pdf.jpg2017uncomplicated stress urinary incontinenceRichter, Holly E; Moalli, Pamela; Zimmern, Philippe; Norton, Peggy