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2019 EHJ Volume 40 Issue 11 March (1).pdf.jpg2019Cardiovascular outcome trials in patients with chronic kidney disease: Challenges associated with selection of patients and endpointsRossignol, Patrick; Agarwal, Rajiv; Canaud, Bernard; Charney, Alan; Chatellier, Gilles; Craig, Jonathan C.; Cushman, William C.; Gansevoort, Ronald T.; Fellström, Bengt; Garza, Dahlia; Guzman, Nicolas; Holtkamp, Frank a.; London, Gerard M.; Massy, Ziad a.; Mebazaa, Alexandre; Mol, Peter G.M.; Pfeffer, Marc a.; Rosenberg, Yves; Ruilope, Luis M.; Seltzer, Jonathan; Shah, Amil M.; Shah, Salim; Singh, Bhupinder; Stefánsson, Bergur V.; Stockbridge, Norman; Stough, Wendy Gattis; Thygesen, Kristian; Walsh, Michael; Wanner, Christoph; Warnock, David G.; Wilcox, Christopher S.; Wittes, Janet; Pitt, Bertram; Thompson, Aliza; Zannad, Faiez
2015 LANCET Volume 386 Issue 10003 October (21).pdf.jpg2015The double challenge of resistant hypertension and chronic kidney diseaseRossignol, Patrick; Massy, Ziad A; Azizi, Michel; Bakris, George; Ritz, Eberhard; Covic, Adrian; Goldsmith, David; Heine, Gunnar H; Jager, Kitty J; Nancy, C H U; Pompidou, Européen Georges
medicine article zl (137).pdf.jpg2014Epidemiology, contributors to, and clinical trials of mortality risk in chronic kidney failure.Ortiz, Alberto; Covic, Adrian; Fliser, Danilo; Fouque, Denis; Goldsmith, David; Kanbay, Mehmet; Mallamaci, Francesca; Massy, Ziad a; Rossignol, Patrick; Vanholder, Raymond; Wiecek, Andrzej; Zoccali, Carmine; London, Gérard M
2018 EHJournal Volume 39 Issue 48 December (3).pdf.jpg2018Heart failure and diabetes : metabolic alterations and therapeutic interventions : a state-of-the-art review from the Translational Research Committee of the Heart Failure Association – European Society of CardiologyMaack, Christoph; Lehrke, Michael; Backs, Johannes; Heinzel, Frank R; Hulot, Jean-sebastien; Marx, Nikolaus; Paulus, Walter J; Rossignol, Patrick; Pollesello, Piero; Rena, Graham; Riksen, Niels P; Rosano, Giuseppe
2019 AHJ Volume 218 December (8).pdf.jpg2019Income level and inequality as complement to geographical differences in cardiovascular trialsFerreira, João Pedro; Rossignol, Patrick; Dewan, Pooja; Lamiral, Zohra; White, William B.; Pitt, Bertram; McMurray, John J.V.; Zannad, Faiez
2019 AHJ Volume 215 September (15).pdf.jpg2019Left ventricular ejection fraction and adjudicated, cause-specific hospitalizations after myocardial infarction complicated by heart failure or left ventricular dysfunctionHall, Trygve S.; von Lueder, Thomas G.; Zannad, F.; Rossignol, Patrick; Duarte, K.; Chouihed, T.; Solomon, Scott D.; Dickstein, Kenneth; Atar, Dan; Agewall, Stefan; Girerd, Nicolas
2018 Circulation Volume 137 Issue 13 March (5).pdf.jpg2018Long-Term Potassium Monitoring and Dynamics in Heart Failure and Risk of MortalityNúñez, Julio; Bayés-Genís, Antoni; Zannad, Faiez; Rossignol, Patrick; Núñez, Eduardo; Bodí, Vicent; Miñana, Gema; Santas, Enrique; Chorro, Francisco J.; Mollar, Anna; Carratalá, Arturo; Navarro, Jorge; Górriz, Jose Luis; Lupón, Josep; Husser, Oliver; Metra, Marco; Sanchi
2019 Lancet Volume 394 Issue 10208 October-November (1).pdf.jpg2019Patiromer versus placebo to enable spironolactone use in patients with resistant hypertension and chronic kidney disease (AMBER): a phase 2, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trialAgarwal, Rajiv; Rossignol, Patrick; Romero, Alain; Garza, Dahlia; Mayo, Martha R.; Warren, Suzette; Ma, Jia; White, William B.; Williams, Bryan
2016 LANCET Volume 388 Issue 10055 October (23).pdf.jpg2016Roadmap for cardiovascular prevention trials in chronic kidney diseaseRossignol, Patrick; Pitt, Bertram; Thompson, Aliza; Zannad, Faiez
2019 Lancet Volume 393 Issue 10175 March (3).pdf.jpg2019Series Heart failure 1 Heart failure drug treatmentRossignol, Patrick; Hernandez, Adrian F; Solomon, Scott D; Zannad, Faiez
medicine article aq (3).pdf.jpg2015Treatment With Multiple Blood Pressure Medications, Achieved Blood Pressure, and Mortality in Older Nursing Home ResidentsBenetos, Athanase; Labat, Carlos; Rossignol, Patrick; Fay, Renaud; Rolland, Yves; Valbusa, Filippo; Salvi, Paolo; Zamboni, Mauro; Manckoundia, Patrick; Hanon, Olivier; Gautier, Sylvie