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2018 EPIDEMIOLOGY Volume 29 Issue 1 January (3).pdf.jpg2018and Risks of Spontaneous Preterm BirthShaw, Gary M; Yang, Wei; Roberts, Eric M; Kegley, Susan E; Stevenson, David K; Carmichael, Suzan L; English, Paul B
2015 AJOG Volume 213 Issue 5 November (28).pdf.jpg2015association between height and risk for spontaneous preterm birthShachar, Bat Zion; Mayo, Jonathan A; Lee, Henry C; Carmichael, Suzan L; Stevenson, David K; Shaw, Gary M; Gould, Jeffery B
2018 JPEDIATRICS Volume 194 March (29).pdf.jpg2018Divergent Patterns of Mitochondrial and Nuclear Ancestry Are Associated with the Risk for Preterm BirthOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P; Crawford, Nicholas; Prendergast, D Arcy; Oehlert, John W; Shaw, Gary M; Stevenson, David K; Rappaport, Nadav; Sirota, Marina; Tishkoff, Sarah A; Sondheimer, Neal
2018 JPEDIATRICS Volume 195 April (10).pdf.jpg2018First Trimester Plasma Glucose Values in Women without Diabetes are Associated with Risk for Congenital Heart Disease in OffspringHelle, Emmi I T; Biegley, Preston; Knowles, Joshua W; Leader, Joseph B; Pendergrass, Sarah; Yang, Wei; Reaven, Gerald R; Shaw, Gary M; Ritchie, Marylyn; Priest, James R
2018 Epidemiology Volume 29 Issue 4 July (18).pdf.jpg2018Herpesvirus Infection in Infants with GastroschisisFrancis, Stephen S; Wiemels, Joseph L; Yang, Wei; Shaw, Gary M
2015 JOP Volume 167 Issue 4 October (21).pdf.jpg2015Maternal Asthma, Preterm Birth, and Risk of Bronchopulmonary DysplasiaGage, Susan; Kan, Peiyi; Lee, Henry C; Gould, Jeffrey B; Stevenson, David K; Shaw, Gary M; Brodovich, Hugh M O
2017 AJE Volume 186 Issue 6 September (8).pdf.jpg2017Original Contribution Maternal Exposure to Nitrogen Dioxide , Intake of Methyl Nutrients , and Congenital Heart Defects in OffspringStingone, Jeanette A; Luben, Thomas J; Carmichael, Suzan L; Aylsworth, Arthur S; Botto, Lorenzo D; Correa, Adolfo; Gilboa, Suzanne M; Langlois, Peter H; Nembhard, Wendy N; Richmond-bryant, Jennifer; Shaw, Gary M; Olshan, Andrew F; Birth, National
2018 AJoE Voluem 187 Issue 4 April (4).pdf.jpg2018Original Contribution Occurrence of Selected Structural Birth Defects Among Women With Preeclampsia and Other Hypertensive DisordersWeber, Kari A; Mayo, Jonathan A; Carmichael, Suzan L; Stevenson, David K; Winn, Virginia D; Shaw, Gary M
2018 AJOG Volume 218 Issue 3 March (28).pdf.jpg2018A proteomic clock of human pregnancyAghaeepour, Nima; Lehallier, Benoit; Baca, Quentin; Ganio, Ed A; Wong, Ronald J; Ghaemi, Mohammad S; Culos, Anthony; El-sayed, Yasser Y; Blumenfeld, Yair J; Druzin, Maurice L; Winn, Virginia D; Gibbs, Ronald S; Tibshirani, Rob; Shaw, Gary M; Stevenson, David K; Gaudilli
2016 OG Volume 128 Issue 2 August (21).pdf.jpg2016Recurrence of Preterm Birth and Early Term BirthYang, Juan; Baer, Rebecca J; Berghella, Vincenzo; Chambers, Christina; Chung, Paul; Coker, Tumaini; Currier, Robert J; Druzin, Maurice L; Kuppermann, Miriam; Muglia, Louis J; Norton, Mary E; Rand, Larry; Ryckman, Kelli; Shaw, Gary M; Stevenson, David; Jelliffe-pawlowski, Laura L
2017 JP Volume 180 January (27).pdf.jpg2017The Relationship of Nosocomial Infection Reduction to Changes inLapcharoensap, Wannasiri; Kan, Peiyi; Powers, Richard J; Shaw, Gary M; Stevenson, David K; Gould, Jeffrey B; Wirtschafter, David D; Lee, Henry C
medicine article c (48).pdf.jpg2015Risk of critical congenital heart defects by nuchal translucency normsJelliffe-pawlowski, Laura L; Norton, Mary E; Shaw, Gary M; Baer, Rebecca J; Flessel, Monica C; Goldman, Sara; Currier, Robert J
medicine article b (14).pdf.jpg2014Risk of selected structural abnormalities in infants after increased nuchal translucency measurementBaer, Rebecca J; Norton, Mary E; Shaw, Gary M; Flessel, Monica C; Goldman, Sara; Currier, Robert J; Jelliffe-pawlowski, Laura L
medicine article b (179).pdf.jpg2014serum aneuploidy analytes , and placental abruptionFaucett, Alison M; Shaw, Gary M; Currier, Robert J; Jelliffe-pawlowski, Laura L