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2018 AJRCCM Volume 198 Issue 12 December (11).pdf.jpg2018Association of Height Growth in Puberty with Lung Function A Longitudinal StudyMahmoud, Osama; Granell, Raquel; Tilling, Kate; Minelli, Cosetta; Garcia-aymerich, Judith; Holloway, John W; Custovic, Adnan; Jarvis, Deborah; Sterne, Jonathan; Henderson, John
medicine article a (87).pdf.jpg2013Gestational weight gain as a risk factor for hypertensive disorders of pregnancyC., Macdonald-Wallis; K., Tilling; a., Fraser; S.M., Nelson; D.a., Lawlor; Macdonald-Wallis, Corrie; Tilling, Kate; Fraser, Abigail; Nelson, Scott M; Lawlor, Debbie a
2019 AJP Volume 176 Issue 8 August (12).pdf.jpg2019Identifying Novel Types of Irritability Using a Developmental Genetic ApproachRiglin, Lucy; Eyre, Olga; Thapar, Ajay K.; Stringaris, Argyris; Leibenluft, Ellen; Pine, Daniel S.; Tilling, Kate; Davey Smith, George; O’Donovan, Michael C.; Thapar, Anita
2015 JAMA Volume 314 Issue 24 December (1).pdf.jpg2015Live-Birth Rate Associated With Repeat In Vitro Fertilization Treatment CyclesSmith, Andrew D A C; Tilling, Kate; Nelson, Scott M; Lawlor, Debbie A
2019 AJoE Volume 188 Issue 11 November (20).pdf.jpg2019Methods for Dealing With Missing Covariate Data in Epigenome-Wide Association StudiesMills, Harriet L.; Heron, Jon; Relton, Caroline; Suderman, Matt; Tilling, Kate
2016 AJE Volume 183 Issue 12 June (11).pdf.jpg2016Practice of Epidemiology Association of Genetic Risk for Schizophrenia With Nonparticipation Over Time in a Population-Based Cohort StudyMartin, Joanna; Tilling, Kate; Hubbard, Leon; Stergiakouli, Evie; Thapar, Anita; Smith, George Davey; Donovan, Michael C O; Zammit, Stanley
2019 Epidemiology Volume 30 Issue 3 May (8).pdf.jpg2019Selection Bias When Estimating Average Treatment Effects Using One-sample Instrumental Variable AnalysisHughes, Rachael a.; Davies, Neil M.; Davey Smith, George; Tilling, Kate
2019 Epidemiology Volume 30 Issue 6 November (22).pdf.jpg2019Using Genetic Instruments to Estimate Interactions in Mendelian Randomization StudiesNorth, Teri-Louise; Davies, Neil M.; Harrison, Sean; Carter, Alice R.; Hemani, Gibran; Sanderson, Eleanor; Tilling, Kate; Howe, Laura D.