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2017 AJOG Volume 216 Issue 5 May (15).pdf.jpg2017Are perioperative bundles associated with reduced postoperative morbidity in women undergoing benign hysterectomy? Retrospective cohort analysis of 16,286 cases in MichiganHarris, John a.; Sammarco, Anne G.; Swenson, Carolyn W.; Uppal, Shitanshu; Kamdar, Neil; Campbell, Darrel; Evilsizer, Sarah; DeLancey, John O.; Morgan, Daniel M.
2017 OG Volume 129 Issue 2 February (9).pdf.jpg2017Association of Hospital Volume With Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer TreatmentUppal, Shitanshu; Chapman, Christina; Spencer, Ryan J.; Jolly, Shruti; Maturen, Kate; Rauh-Hain, J. Alejandro; delCarmen, Marcela G.; Rice, Laurel W.
2015 O_G Volume 126 Issue 4 October (20).pdf.jpg2015Changing Trends in Lymphadenectomy for Endometrioid Adenocarcinoma of the EndometriumMelamed, Alexander; Rauh-hain, Jose A; Clemmer, Joel T; Diver, Elisabeth J; Hall, Tracilyn R; Clark, Rachel M; Uppal, Shitanshu; Goodman, Annekathryn; Ii, David M Boruta
2017 OG Volume 130 Issue 2 August (10).pdf.jpg2017Chlorhexidine-Alcohol Compared With Povidone-Iodine for Preoperative Topical Antisepsis for Abdominal HysterectomyUppal, Shitanshu; Bazzi, Ali; Reynolds, R. Kevin; Harris, John; Pearlman, Mark D.; Campbell, Darrell a.; Morgan, Daniel M.
2018 Obstetrics_Gynecology Volume 132 Issue 1 July (20).pdf.jpg2018Hospital Readmission as a Poor Measure of Quality in Ovarian Cancer SurgeryUppal, Shitanshu; Spencer, Ryan J; Rice, Laurel W; Reynolds, R Kevin; Griggs, Jennifer J; Carmen, Marcela G
2017 OG Volume 129 Issue 6 June (4).pdf.jpg2017Incidence and Timing of Thromboembolic Events in Patients With Ovarian Cancer Undergoing Neoadjuvant ChemotherapyGreco, Patricia S.; Bazzi, Ali a.; McLean, Karen; Reynolds, R. Kevin; Spencer, Ryan J.; Johnston, Carolyn M.; Liu, J. Rebecca; Uppal, Shitanshu
2015 O_G Volume 126 Issue 6 December (13).pdf.jpg2015Management for Elderly Women WithRauh-hain, J Alejandro; Pepin, Kristen J; Meyer, Larissa A; Clemmer, Joel T; Lu, Karen H; Rice, Laurel W; Uppal, Shitanshu; Schorge, John O; Carmen, Marcela G
2017 OG Volume 130 Issue 2 August (8).pdf.jpg2017Ninety-Day Mortality as a Reporting Parameter for High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer Cytoreduction SurgerySpencer, Ryan J.; Hacker, Kari E.; Griggs, Jennifer J.; Rice, Laurel W.; Reynolds, R. Kevin; Uppal, Shitanshu
2016 AJOG Volume 214 Issue 1 January (22).pdf.jpg2016Practice patterns and postoperative complications before and after US Food and Drug Administration safety communication on power morcellationHarris, John A; Swenson, Carolyn W; Uppal, Shitanshu; Ms, Neil Kamdar; Mahnert, Nichole; As-sanie, Sawsan; Morgan, Daniel M
2016 O_G Volume 127 Issue 2 February (20).pdf.jpg2016Prophylactic Antibiotic Choice and Risk of Surgical Site Infection After HysterectomyUppal, Shitanshu; Harris, John; Al-niaimi, Ahmed; Swenson, Carolyn W; Pearlman, Mark D; Reynolds, R Kevin; Kamdar, Neil; Bazzi, Ali; Campbell, Darrell A; Morgan, Daniel M
2017 AJOG Volume 217 Issue 2 August (1).pdf.jpg2017Reducing surgical site infections after hysterectomy: metronidazole plus cefazolin compared with cephalosporin aloneTill, Sara R.; Morgan, Daniel M.; Bazzi, Ali a.; Pearlman, Mark D.; Abdelsattar, Zaid; Campbell, Darrell a.; Uppal, Shitanshu
medicine article b (74).pdf.jpg2014Resident participation in laparoscopic hysterectomy : impact of trainee involvement on operative times and surgical outcomesIgwe, Elena; Hernandez, Enrique; Rose, Stephen; Uppal, Shitanshu
2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 5 November (18).pdf.jpg2016SGS PapersSwenson, Carolyn W; Ma, Neil S Kamdar; Harris, John A; Uppal, Shitanshu; Jr, Darrell A Campbell; Morgan, Daniel M
2016 AJOG Volume 214 Issue 2 February (16).pdf.jpg2016Surgical site infection following hysterectomy: adjusted rankings in a regional collaborativeMorgan, Daniel M; Swenson, Carolyn W; Streifel, Kristin M; Ma, Neil S Kamdar; Uppal, Shitanshu; Rn, Lorraine Burgunder-zdravkovski; Pearlman, Mark D; Fenner, Dee E; Campbell, Darrell A
2016 OG Volume 128 Issue 4 October (28).pdf.jpg2016Timing of and Reasons for Unplanned 30-Day Readmission After Hysterectomy for Benign DiseasePenn, Courtney A; Morgan, Daniel M; Rice, Laurel W; Rauh-hain, J Alejandro; Uppal, Shitanshu; Harris, John A