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2016 BJS Volume 103 Issue 6 May (20).pdf.jpg2016Albumin – bilirubin versus Child – Pugh score as a predictor of outcome after liver resection for hepatocellular carcinomaWang, Y; Zhong, J; Su, Z; Huang, J; Lu, S; Xiang, B; Ma, L
2016 BJA Volume 116 Issue 3 March (33).pdf.jpg2016Dexmedetomidine post-treatment induces neuroprotection via activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase in rats with subarachnoid haemorrhageWang, Y; Han, R; Zuo, Z
medicine article zk (228).pdf.jpg2013Efficacy and safety of ustekinumab in patients with active psoriatic arthritis: 1 year results of the phase 3, multicentre, double-blind, placebo-controlled PSUMMIT 1 trialMcInnes, I B; Kavanaugh, a; Gottlieb, a B; Puig, L; Rahman, P; Ritchlin, C; Brodmerkel, C; Li, S; Wang, Y; Mendelsohn, a M; Doyle, M K
2018 JDR Volume 97 Issue 4 April (9).pdf.jpg2018Functional Effects of SNPs in MYH9 and Risks of Nonsyndromic Orofacial CleftsWang, Y; Li, D; Xu, Y; Ma, L; Lu, Y; Wang, Z; Wang, L; Zhang, W; Pan, Y
2019 AJoR Volume 212 Issue 5 May (6).pdf.jpg2019Gastrointestinal Imaging • Original ResearchZhang, Yinli; Ye, Yingjiang; Cheng, J; Feng, C; Zhang, Y; Hong, N; Ye, Y; Wang, Y
2018 JDR Volume 97 Issue 13 December (2).pdf.jpg2018Identification and Functional Studies of MYO1H for Mandibular PrognathismSun, R; Wang, Y; Jin, M; Chen, L; Cao, Y; Chen, F
2016 JDR Volume 95 Issue 3 March (10).pdf.jpg2016Light-Cured Self-Etch Adhesives Undergo Hydroxyapatite-Triggered Self-CureLiu, Y; Bai, X; Liu, Y W; Wang, Y
2018 BJOG Volume 125 Issue 4 March (35).pdf.jpg2018Medical therapy for preventing recurrent endometriosis after conservative surgery : a cost- effectiveness analysisWu, B; Yang, Z; Tobe, R G; Wang, Y
2018 BJOG Volume 125 Issue 4 March (35).pdf.jpg2018Medical therapy for preventing recurrent endometriosis after conservative surgery : a cost- effectiveness analysisWu, B; Yang, Z; Tobe, R G; Wang, Y
2016 JDR Volume 95 Issue 10 September (8).pdf.jpg2016Molecular Changes Involving MEK3 – p38 MAPK Activation in Chronic Masticatory MyalgiaMeng, H; Gao, Y; Kang, Y F; Zhao, Y P; Yang, G J; Wang, Y; Cao, Y; Gan, Y H; Xie, Q F
2019 AJR Volume 213 Issue 5 November (18).pdf.jpg2019MRI for Restaging Locally Advanced Discrepancies With the PathologicZhang, Yinli; Ye, Yingjiang; Hong, Nan; Jia, X; Zhang, Y; Wang, Y
medicine article zo (271).pdf.jpg2014National trends in patient safety for four common conditions, 2005-2011Wang, Y; Eldridge, N; Metersky, M L; Verzier, N R; Meehan, T P; Pandolfi, M M; Foody, J M; Ho, S Y; Galusha, D; Kliman, R E; Sonnenfeld, N; Krumholz, H M; Battles, J
2018 JDR Volume 97 Issue 2 February (4).pdf.jpg2018Nine Novel PAX9 Mutations and a Distinct Tooth Agenesis Genotype-PhenotypeWong, S; Han, D; Zhang, H; Liu, Y; Zhang, X; Miao, M Z; Wang, Y; Zhao, N; Zeng, L; Bai, B; Wang, Y; Liu, H; Feng, H
2018 JDR Volume 97 Issue 12 November (2).pdf.jpg2018NLRP6 Induces Pyroptosis by Activation of Caspase-1 in Gingival FibroblastsLiu, W; Liu, J; Wang, W; Wang, Y; Ouyang, X
2016 JDR Volume 95 Issue 5 May (10).pdf.jpg2016Nonthermal Atmospheric Plasmas in Dental RestorationLiu, Y; Liu, Q; Yu, Q S; Wang, Y
2018 NEJM Volume 378 Issue 23 June (16).pdf.jpg2018or Minor Ischemic StrokeAbboud, H; Anticoli, S; Audebert, H; Bornstein, N M; Caplan, L R; Correia, M; Král, M; Lin, H; Molina, C; Park, J M; Purroy, F; Rothwell, P M; Segura, T; Školoudík, D; Steg, P G; Touboul, P; Uchiyama, S; Vicaut, É; Wang, Y
2009P09-20 LB. Ultra-Deep Sequencing of Full-Length HIV-1 Genomes Identifies Rapid Viral Evolution During Acute InfectionHenn, MR; Lennon, N; Malboeuf, C; Charlebois, P; Philips, L; Berical, A; Erlich, R; Kemper, M; Axten, K; Brumme, Z; Brumme, C; Jessen, H; Nusbaum, C; Birren, B; Allen, TM; Boutwell, Christian Lane; Power, K; Gladden, Andrew B; Levin, Jonathan M.; Casali, Monica; Berlin, A; Anderson, S; Streeck, Hendrik; Ryan, Edward Thomas; Wang, Y; Green, L; Russ, Christiana Marie; Rosenberg, Eric Scott; Altfeld, Marcus; Walker, Bruce David
medicine article ap (259).pdf.jpg2014Patterns and outcomes of red blood cell transfusion in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary interventionSherwood, M W; Wang, Y; Curtis, J P; Peterson, E D; Rao, S V
2016 WST Volume 74 Issue 4 August (11).pdf.jpg2016Predicting precipitation on nonpoint source pollutant exports in the source area of the Liao River , ChinaWang, Y; Bian, J M; Wang, S N; Nie, S Y
2017 BJOG Volume 124 Issue 5 April (15).pdf.jpg2017The pregnancy outcome of progestin-primed ovarian stimulation using 4 versus 10 mg of medroxyprogesterone acetate per day in infertile women undergoing in vitro fertilisation: a randomised controlled trialDong, J; Wang, Y; Chai, Wr; Hong, Qq; Wang, Nl; Sun, Lh; Long, H; Wang, L; Tian, H; Lyu, Qf; Lu, Xf; Chen, Qj; Kuang, Yp